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Джордж Страйт Джордж СтрайтАмериканский кантри-певец

Down Louisiana Way


I'm goin' down Louisiana way

I'm going back as of this very day

Don't worry about me cause I'll be okay

I'm goin' down Louisiana way

I will miss all my old Chicago friends

And think about you San Francisco now and then

I will remember my compadres in L.A.

Look me up down Louisiana way


Don't let your eyes get misty now

We knew the time would come around for me to go

I will miss you

So long friend, quess I'll see you while ago

I might be back sometime, you just never know

I have left a sweetheart north of Whiskey Bay

True love waits down Louisiana way

Джордж Страйт

Down Louisiana Way / Джордж Страйт

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