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Truck On Fire

Dead in the back. Midnight sun taking all that money can buy human wreckage
electrica man's first approach. Death takes a ride taking a holiday. Slick
and clean a murder machine. Tracks off the road skidding towards
thunderhead. Teasing the rail spar ks from his brain slashing. Yeah
cribdeath, killing the craddle, crunching the baby in a dashboardlight. Yea
like some cheesy ass figurines, Jesus, Mary, Joesph crushed into her fuck'n
head, sprayed against the windshield, profit or pleasure I swear I s wear.
Blasting away a bitch in the back 18 yea 14 childbride sunshine sex. Big
day exit whiskey o'women winning winning spree so long. Skin bone fabulous

White zombie

Truck On Fire / White zombie

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