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We Have A Technical

We have a random on the westside

Personality malfunction

He says I can't give you anything at all

Just a room with the perfume of you

He sent a letter to a downstat

Saying sorry that I missed you

But I can't think of anything to do

He's addicted to the time track

We have a technical

We have a technical

He's in a hotel where they all go

Saying me, I've lost my memory

It's so surprising

Just how quickly things can end

Like a hero on a platform of friends

This table is so crowded

With people that I don't know

And I never really turn

My thoughts on you

So the image breaks down again

We have a technical

We have a technical

I suppose it's very shady

At least until the lights go out

Advertising posters on the wall

And the young boys singing softly

Do they ever come back

Or is it always at the wrong time

I could crawl aroung the floor

Just like I'm real

And move a hand in front of my eyes

We have a technical

We have a technical

Гэри Ньюмэн

We Have A Technical / Гэри Ньюмэн

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