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The Machman

i saw him turn on

like a machine in the park

saying 'please come with me'

but you've been there before

i saw him whirr away

into the night

like a nightmare on wheels

saying 'never again'

i'd give it all up for you

i'd even be a number just for you

the strangest living boy

you could ever wish to see

'that's me'

yellowed newspapers

tell the story of someone

'do you know this man'

tomorrow the cure

only police ever

see night time for real

turn on the light

and cry 'no more, no more'

i was standing outside your door

waiting for the grey men to go

when my mind turned on me

with a vengeance i had never known

my own

everyone heard

the voice on the radio

saying 'why move around

and waste my time'

there are no

independants anymore

the tape is a circle

but who really cares

i saw you behind the wall

i even heard you laugh at me

you disgust me tonight

with your answer to something new

that's you


Гэри Ньюмэн

The Machman / Гэри Ньюмэн

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