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Sleep By Windows

You can cry by my window

You can crawl on the floor

You can scream if you want to

But I won't unlock the door

You can sleep in bus shelters

You can sleep in the park

But I'll rip up the trees

Until you tear yourself apart

But I don't love you

No I don't love you

Do you dream?

Back to surveillance

Open eyes and wash out 'tear'

A sign that says 'no exit'

And 'no-one can save you here'

I could talk about my programme

Where everything is white

I could specialise in pictures

Where nothing's ever right

But I don't love you

No I don't love you

Do you dream?

We are just sound

We are just noise

And we are all here to lie

Do you dream?

You sleep by windows

You sleep by windows

Do you cry?

Do you dream?

Do you?

Did you?

G NUMAN vocals / Polymoog /

Minimoog / guitar /




Recorded at Rock City

Engineer - Graeme Myhre

Steve Smith

Mixed at Rock City

Engineer - Nick Smith

Гэри Ньюмэн

Sleep By Windows / Гэри Ньюмэн

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