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Remind Me To Smile

We'll take a taxi to the show

We could report by phone

We could remind ourselves that

we must laugh

Reconsider: 'fame'

I need new reasons

This is detention it's not fun at all

Remind me to smile

You know, 'the old friends' line

It gets so I feel like

I'm in this cold, glass, cage

I've got the horrors

Check, over my shoulder

I punch the air and fight but

no-one's there

You you - Oh no

Old scars - don't show

We fall - you see

Crawl crawl - in love

I dive - so clean

Young things - don't scream

Toys toys - so far

Boys boys - you are


Get off the car

Get off the phone

Move from my window, leave me alone

Keep your revivals

Keep your conventions

Keep all your fantasies that's all we are

G NUMAN vocals / guitar /

Minimoog /

Polymoog / Synare /

Compurhythm / CP 30

P GARDINER bass / backing vocal

C PAYNE Minimoog /

backing vocal

C SHARPLEY drums /

backing vocal

R BELL rhythm guitar /

backing vocal

D HAINES A.R.P. Pro-soloist /

backing vocal

Recorded at Rock City

Engineer - Steve Smith

Mixed at Matrix

Engineer - Jess Sutcliffe

Гэри Ньюмэн

Remind Me To Smile / Гэри Ньюмэн

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