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Out Of Sight

I don't wanna hear you talk

And I don't wanna go for walks

But I just wanna lay you flat

Well you think you're so good at that

I've got no time for your sad eyes

I don't care if you say good-bye

I don't really think that I want

Anything to do with your

Out of sight

Out of mind

The radio continues 'round me

Blending faces glaring at me

How was I to telephone

Crawl away to end it all

Spiral staircase leads to nowhere

I an take you somewhere (who cares)

Dee-Dee's crazy as a model

I'd break your heart if I'd got time

Out of sight

Out of mind

? (I'm very sorry, but I can't make out what in blazes he's singing.)



I hate you all I hate you all

You're breaking down my message wall

Out of sight

Out of mind

(The two last verses are missing in the CD booklet

Гэри Ньюмэн

Out Of Sight / Гэри Ньюмэн

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