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Only A Downstat

Only a downstat

Personality problem

He would say things like 'I love you'

And cry real tears

Met him in some place

Like a home for old mothers

Where the cure is always death

But no-one ever leaves

He wore a number 7

Badge on his collar

He would show it with pride

And say 'it means I can feel'

He'd bribe the warders

To send letters to someon

Who didn't even know his name

But said she'd read them anyway

+7 deviant

Writes poetry for people

Who deny he's alive

And say 'I'll mention that name'

A violator of the law of no feelings

They should be put in the chair

Until their eyes come in

If you have reasons

I might sell you my time

I'll leave it under the stairs

In a body of mine

Old memories are slowly fading out of me

We are the unknowns, we are all you need

Гэри Ньюмэн

Only A Downstat / Гэри Ньюмэн

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