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New Anger

I've read the papers

Look at this

They say that I'm all over

I don't know

They're not the first ones to try

So try


What's the fashion?

Is it good?

I'll need some convincing

If you've got it

Then I've seen it before

So try


Welcome to new anger

Do you want it?

Do you want it?

I don't need it

I can stop

I can take this or leave it

You can have it

But if you want it from me

Then come

And try

I've been bad

I've been good

I've been one more hero

I've been up

And I've been lower than you

So come

And try

If you want it

Come and get it

Гэри Ньюмэн

New Anger / Гэри Ньюмэн

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