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In A Glass House

I've seen love

I've seen hate

I've seen all the emotion God creates.

I've seen good

I've seen bad

I've seen everything that you could ever have.

I've seen you

I've seen me

I've seen everything that I could want to be.

I've seen tall things

I've seen long things

I've seen everything a man was meant to see.

No one came,

no one is here

no one remembers.


I've heard truth

I've heard lies

I've heard everything that ever crossed your mind.

I've heard( lust?)

I've heard screams

I've heard everything that makes you give up dreams.

I've heard you

I've heard me

I've heard everything I wish that( ****?) ever be

I've heard music, new heroes

Then I've heard some things I really wouldn't know

(***** ***** ***** ?)

Look in my heart

you will remember

people came

you (fell?) on me

I can remember


I break hearts

I broke mine

I'll break everything I'm given if( ***?) time

I've said things I don't mean

I could lie in front of God and he'll beleive

I (cheat?)( ***?)

I (cheat?) time

I'll take everything you see

and make it mine

I don't like this confession

(**** **** ****?) heard( **** ****?) all

someone came

(we have the cure?)

I'll always wonder

Friends can change

some go some stay

I can't remember

Гэри Ньюмэн

In A Glass House / Гэри Ньюмэн

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