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Гэри Ньюмэн Гэри НьюмэнБританский рок-музыкант, певец, автор песен

Cry The Clock Said

Why cry now

It's over

Feelings change

How are you

How am I

Cry, the clock said.


I know little of romance

And these little tract houses

I know even less of you

And if you should ever think of me

Maybe as a game you lost

Well someone I know lost the whole damn world

No more this talk of they're out to get me

Just slide out of Sydney and I can never go back

How could I be surprised

How could I even believe

Cry, the clock said

I'll forget who you are

I'll forget one of these days

Cry, the clock said

GARY NUMAN: Vocals, Odyssey, Roland JP 4, CP 30

NASH THE SLASH: Violins. JP 4 Operated by


Гэри Ньюмэн

Cry The Clock Said / Гэри Ньюмэн

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