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Terrordrome Lyrics

What can be heard of the sentiment of soilent green?.

The B-29 Bomber, Enola Gay; a personified Grim Reaper,

leaving behind a mushroom-cloud and heavy ground haze,

a manmade eclipse,creating a constant defunct totality.

Hell on earth, who`s to blame for erasing an entire society?

The crushing shockwave, man`s plutonium implosion,

wounding the surface like a dying prey.

Black carbonised concrete, distorted metals,

appearing like deformed burned skeletons.

Boiling exhalation, melted glass,

twisted scrap iron as grotesque deadlike trees,

portraying man`s ability to annihilate himself.

Everything has become nothing in just a moment of time.

What remains is a sight that no man has ever seen.

A graveyard with not a tombstone standing.

An inconceivable testimony of human ill-will.

The greatest deed ever in a world never to rise again.


Terrordrome Lyrics / Zyklon

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