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Cleaning My Gun

Words & music by chris cornell


You and I went deeply, you and I went far and wide
You and I went gently, you and I went for a ride
But somewhere in the ashes of this burning lovers game
Somehow you decided you would find another flame

And as you lay sleeping with you eyes softly shut
I'll be cleaning my gun
When heaven or hell takes this life, I'll be done

You never lied to me, never said you'd be around for long
But somehow I believed that would be my only one
Cause you know where I'm going, you know where I'm coming from,
Now this train is slowly coming to it's final destination

As you lay sleeping with your eyes softly shut
I know it ain't me that you're dreaming of

Mother always told me love would save me from myself
Daddy always said that love would take me straight to hell
Sometimes they were righteous sometimes they were
Oh so wrong


Cleaning My Gun / Soundgarden

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