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No Limit

Back against the wall, now!"

"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this shit!"

Cancel the time

Stop the disturbance,

Turn out the lights,

I don't want to see.

Shut down the mind

End all its functions

Destroy all the rules

Block all emotions.

Stop interference,

Just be cold.

Leave me alone -

I don't want it.

Find someone else, to be your slave

It's too late.

"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this shit"

"Hands against the wall now!"

The damage is done. (x9)

Throw out your thoughts

Start again.

Malicious redemption - the options are few.

Blow up the world

And start again.

Move through the night with caution.

The damage is done ......

The damage is done. (x9

Front Line Assembly

No Limit / Front Line Assembly

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