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Its All Right With Me

It's the wrong time and the wrong place

Though your face is charming, it's the wrong face

It's not her face, but such a charming face

That it's all right with me

It's the wrong song in the wrong style

Though your smile is lovely, it's the wrong smile

It's not her smile, but such a lovely smile

So it's all right with me

You can't know how happy I am that we've met

I'm strangely attracted to you

There's someone I'm trying so hard to forget

Don't you want to forget someone, too?

It's the wrong game with the wrong chips

Though your lips are tempting, they're the wrong lips

They're not her lips, but they're such tempting lips

That if some night you're free

Dear, it's all right

Yes, it's all right with me

DISCLAIMER: This is a 3:15 live TV version and Frank may never have sung it exactly this way before

or after.

Фрэнк Синатра

Its All Right With Me / Фрэнк Синатра

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