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Фрэнк Синатра Фрэнк СинатраАмериканский актёр, певец (крунер) и шоумэн

Im Not Afraid

One afternoon I came to hear

You sing a soft song into my ear

Who would have thought quite by chance

We might engage in a loving dance?

Coming together, coming apart

Lost in diversions, dancing stars

Caught in the quiet, off on our own

Coming together, standing alone

Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid

What about you, what about me?

Two years from now where will we be?

Each of us gone our separate ways

Lost in a headlong passage of days

Maybe we might give love a try

Extending the moment before "goodbye"

And for a gentle moment in time

We'll take what pleasure people can find

Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid

What is for real, what is false?

All of us seem to be caught in a waltz

Turning around, turning again

When will the dancing ever end?

As for us, you and me

Our eyes are open, we can see

Both of us know where we've been

Why must we both go dancing again?

Come join the dancing, come join the waltz

Don't look too closely at my faults

Why can't I die here in your arms?

Safe from the night and safe from the dawn

Back to the nothing that had no name

Back to the nowhere from where I came

Don't worry of me, I know what I am

Where I'm goin' and where I've been

I'm not afraid!

I'm not afraid!

No, I'm not afraid!

Фрэнк Синатра

Im Not Afraid / Фрэнк Синатра

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