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Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson

so we were in Amsterdam

and we were staying at this guy

Toss's house

good friend of ours


its kinda in the middle of the city

we were just finished with our

second European tour

and everything was going pretty good

Skeeter, he met this girl that lived

next door to Toss's

and within a couple of weeks he started

living with her, you know?

and i guess she had a lot of money or something

cause she was constantly buying him clothes

and getting him lots of stuff and loading him

with money, you know?

He was constantly going to the coffee shop

always getting the best herb and the best

hash, you know?

he was in good shape

she was really good looking, she was

really cool

i, i don't think he'd ever met her before

but she had, you know, other boyfriends i suppose

so i'm sitting on the couch, you know, in

Toss's apartment

and im reading, you know, maximum rock and

roll or flip side

one of those punk things

and i heard Skeeter come in

and he came in and he had all these really

nice clothes on

she bought him all this stuff

she like bought him cologne

he was really really smelling good, you know

he looked good too

you know he came in and put his herb

on the table and, whatever

i'm just reading my little punk magazine

not really paying attention

and then he says, uh, he says hey dave

and i look up

and he's standing there with his dick

in his hand

and he's kinda got it like lifted up so

he's looking at the head of his dick

he kinda pointed it at me

i didnt know what to think

he said does that look like pus to you

i said no i think its lint

Foo fighters

Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson / Foo fighters

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