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I Saw It On Tv

They sent us home to watch the show

Comin' on the little screen

A man named Ike was in the White House

Big black limosine

There were many shows to follow

From Hooter to Doodyville

Though I saw them all

I can't recall

Which cartoon was real

The coonskin caps Yankke bats

The Hound Dog Man's big start

The A-Bomb fears Annette had ears

I lusted in my heart

A young man from Boston

Set sail The New Frontier

And we watched the dream

Dead-end in Dallas

They buried innocence that year

I know it's true

Oh so true

'Cause I saw it on TV

We gathered 'round to hear the sound

Comin' on the little screen

The grief had passed the old man laughed

And all the girls screamed

'Cause four guys from England

Took us all by the hand

It was time to laugh

Time to sing

Time to join the band

But all too soon we hit the Moon

And covered up the sky

They built their bombs

And aimed their guns

And still I dont know why

The dominoes tumbled

And big business roared

Everynight at six

They showed the pictures

And counted up the score

I know it's true

Oh so true

Cause I saw it on TV

The old man rocks among his dreams

A prisoner of the porch

The light he says at the end of the tunnel

Was nothin' but a burglar's torch

And them that was caught in the Cover

Are all rich and free

But they chained my mind

To an endless tomb

When they took my only son from me

I know it's true

Oh so true

Cause I saw it on TV

Джон Фогерти

I Saw It On Tv / Джон Фогерти

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