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Bet Ya Man Cant (Triz)

[Fat Joe]


Bang bang baby!

Yeah, Terror Squad style

Trizzie, check it out now

[Cuban Link]

Yo, I'm rated X in sex, I flex like Lex Lugor

So who's next to get scooped up by this roughneck from Cuba?

We do maneuvers like Super Dave, always with a group of babes

Sayin "Mami's out" like Sugar Ray

Cause Cuban Link don't play miss, I flip and do some strange [shit]

witchu like hit you with the whips and chains, check it

I get you naked like I'm mystic, cause this [dick] is

thick as a brick, raw with big [balls] that bend it

Now let's get, physical, my jiggable pie

Let this lyrical guy scuba dive right between your thighs

I satisfy like a Snickers bar cause I'm the bigger bar

that'll stick you quicker than a 'spic will strip a car

My repoitoire holds a four star performance with all women

Hittin more skins than Alec Baldwin

You're fallin in love and you can't get up

Now check the cut, I stripped ya, now you can't strut, word up

Chorus: Big Pun

Bet ya man can't do it like that (like that?)

He can't work the middle, cause his thing too little

Bet ya man can't do it like that (like that?)

I make you scream papa (you the best dada!)


[Fat Joe]

Yeah, uh, uh, yo

Paradin in the Palladium, all eyes on my presence

Poppin the Crist', sportin the chick straight out of Essence

Word up, patch thug, three quarter front Polo jiggy

Be like 'Who is he, lookin like a grizzly?'

While your girl watch me, you're busy drink pissy

Wanna lay your love, but your love wanna kiss me, huh

I got a fly team, me and my guys gleam like high beams

Makin the killin off of fiends with pipe dreams

It might seem, like I'm

Фет Джо

Bet Ya Man Cant (Triz) / Фет Джо

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