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Well it's Friday night, I'm in a club with a crew just maxing

Cuties and booties and yo I'm ready for action

Cause Fat Joe doesn't go to clubs for his health

It's too many skins, so every man for himself

I got me a Sex on the Beach from the bar

I know this girl was looking at me from afar

Plus she with a crew, they all got it going on

She came over and asked me if my name was John

I said, "Yeah, John Doe, so what's it to you?"

She said "Sorry yo, I just thought I knew you"

She walked away dissed because I had dropped the bomb

I felt bad so I reached out and snatched her arm

I pulled her back, gave her my apologies

She accepts it, but now she starts to follow me

Watching where I'm going, seeing who I know

Once she saw the Gucci, she said "Oh, that's Fat Joe"

I could hear the conversation, Shorty was digging me

No way she was igging me, ayo she was big on me

Throughout the night she remained in my eyesight

My man Black Caese was telling me "Yo she's fly, right?"

No that the jam is over there's no need to front

Cause she's leaving out the club and I'm right behind her

Now we in the deli butt naked catching wreck at last

Cause shorty gotta fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (Repeat 3x)

She got a big fat...

Driving in my Five on the live side of town

One of those days I just wanna ride around

With three deep, me Diamond D, and Peep

(Who's Peep?) That's my man that be whipping the white jeeps

So bust it, I hit Fordham road in the town

Cause I'm riffing in the front fool, Luther Vandross

Never too much, and what did I see?

Honeygrip had a little too much for me

Diamond said "Damn!" Peep said "I know her!"

Yeah right, whatever, I'm still pulling over

Hey mamita, Spanish I'm assuming

A Spanish caught wreck and that ass was booming

I couldn't see her face cause she wouldn't turn around

Peep is out the window staring Five-O down (Bo bo bo!)

Chill with that, cause I wanna stop and chat

Like a diplomat, yo you're fucking up my rep

She wouldn't turn around so I reached for her pelvis

She turned around, ugly hound dog, and I felt this (God damn!)

Money grip was ugly, I had to find out at last

But shorty had a fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (Repeat 3x)

She got a big fat...

No need to be ill come all out my face

But the name is Fat Joe and in love I got good taste

Big butts come a dime a dozen in New York

I couldn't help but notice when I watch you walk

You got the booming system and I don't mean sound

I want to smack it up, flip it, and rub it down

I know girls try to say I'm living foul

But you know you can't trust a big but and a smile

I'm not concerned with the niggas in your past

But straight up and down, shorty gotta fat ass

Shorty gotta fat ass (Repeat 3x)

She got a biiiiiig...

Shorty gotta fat ass (Repeat 3x)

She got a biiiig, ha ha

Фет Джо


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