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Crush Tonight(feat. Ginuwine

[1 - Ginuwine]

Baby, if you wit' it, just clap yo' hands

Stop playin' girl, back that ass up and

Spend that cash dog, drink the Henny and

Freak that girl like you tryna have a baby cuz

Everybody's out to fuck tonight

The fine women, they out to fuck tonight

My niggas, they down to fuck tonight

Ladies, fellas, the won't stop players

[Fat Joe]

Came through the door, seen it before

Hands touchin' the ceiling, booty streakin' the floor

You ever felt good to the point you so sure that

All the attention in the club is yours

Got your hair done up, shades Christian Dior

Leave us, trade a little happy on your Vickey draws

Gettin' your dance on hard, who could wish for more

And your crew's all but know it's a horse

Got the Don all warm and it ain't the Hen'

Feelin' like the Don woman, you could wrestle her chin

Shorty, come a little closer while the record spin

I wanna freak a little longer, can they play it again

[Repeat 1]

Yo, got my mind on my money, money on my mind

And to let you know, you just as good as gold

It's like we got our own little private party goin' on

And the scene just changed into shores of San Juan

It's so intimate, we so into it

Such a tender thing, but fuck I'm innocent

Grindin' so hard you gotta know what I'm thinkin'

Laughin' cuz I'mma kidnap you for the weekend

Now we at the pad about to crack a case

Playin' the couch like Ceasar's, she feedin' me grapes

Not for nuttin' hon, the sex is great

But you know you got to go, I got checks to chase... next

[Repeat 1]


If you're wit' it grab your friends, follow Joe and me

Cuz it's on, it's on

Went in and got the Cris' and a pound of weed

It's on, it's on

[Fat Joe]

Now mami, let's get serious, cuz by the looks of it

It seems your sexuality is just a little curious

You got a friend, we could gather then split

If not, I got a girl for every girl I get

There's a drop in the lot and it whip so fast

We hit the swiss hotel before you finish your glass

And you know you wanna be where the cake is at

Where the pockets just like calories, extra fat

Mami, your body like Malery on Natural Born Killer

She like, they got money but ya'll are more realer

She wanna roll wit' us, pretty much to crit' us

No beatin' around the bush, just beatin' it 'till you bit us

[Repeat 1]

Фет Джо

Crush Tonight(feat. Ginuwine / Фет Джо

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