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Cant Keep It Down

You know what it's like

When you wake up in the mornin' and it's hard,

Standin' up straight at attention

Like the changin of the guard?

Or how it is in a porno shop

When you put your quater in the slot,

And you try to look coool

So that nobody know's that you're hot?

You go a club and you're high

On some fine marijuana

And the singer in the band

Copped all of her moves from Madonna...and you wanna

Or late at night, you're at home in bed alone,

And it's cold out,

You put your hand where it's warm

While you open up Miss January's fold-out

Well thats how it is, when she's around,

And I can't, no I can't,

I can't keep it down!

I can't keep it down when that girls around

I can't keep it under my control

I can't k-k-keep it down, no, no, I can't!

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna rock and roll!

I'm thinkin' bout the time in my life

When I first learned what cryin' was,

The first time I ever had to come face to face

With what dyin' was

The relatives gathered all in black

To mourn for my great aunt Juanita

When who comes through the door to pay her respects

But our cousin Conchita,

The tears in her eyes only make them look

Even more Spanish,

As I watched her I swear I could feel the floor

Under me vanish

She goes to them all, then she fin'ly

Come over to me

And she kisses my cheek and I lower my eyes,

I can hardly believe what I see!

'Cause I'm lookin' down the front of her gown,

And I can't, no I can't, I can't

I can't keep it down!

I can't keep it down when that girls around,

I can't keep it under my control,

I can

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