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I Count The Minutes

This world don't turn when you're not in my arms

The sun don't shine whenever I'm without you

And there's an empty space inside my heart

When you're gone

And whenever you're gone, it's too long

And the waiting is driving me crazy

Baby, I'm not alive

Till you're here by me side, oh


I count the minutes

I count the hours

I count the seconds

Till you're here by my side again

And every minute, (every minute)

Goes on for hours, (hours)

Until you're with me

Till I look in your eyes again

And time is standing still

Till you're here with me

I need your love to set me free, set me free

Each night's a lifetime when I'm not with you

And every day just seems to take forever

I'm missing when I should be kissing you

I can't wait

'Cause I live for the love that we share

I can't breathe till I have you beside me

And I'm lost in the dark

Till you're here in my arms, oh


I can't wait a minute more

Just to touch you

'Cause I love you baby

Don't make me stay away from you too long

'Cause this waiting is driving me crazy

Baby I'm not alive

Till you're here by my side

Here by my side


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