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Feelings Of Love

Now when I see you I just realise

No one can love you like I do

Like a sunny sky

You can ask me why

No one shine so much as you

Now when I see the passion in your eyes

No one can touch me like you do

Everyone could see

You belong to me

No one touch my heart like you

Chorus: All the Feelings of Love

You bring to me

All the feelings so deep inside

All the letters of love

Of you and me

The dream could stay alive

Now when I know I spend my life with you

Now when I know youre here to stay

Just remember this

Like a long one kiss

I will love you all the way

Chorus x 2

Shine like a sun

Im with you wherever you are

This is for real

And nothing can change what we feel

Chorus x 2

The dream could stay alive

Of you and I

Джорджи Фэйм

Feelings Of Love / Джорджи Фэйм

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