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I Wont Let You Go


Some girls want to play with you

Doing things that they really can't do

They think that love is a game to play

They oughta know that I get my way

They look at you with starry eyes

Very soon they all realize

Play with fire and your fingers burn

I wanna tell them, they never learn

I won't let you go, no no no

I'll never let go, oh baby you know

There's a special kind of love

There's something magic when we touch

I won't let you go, no no no

I'll never let go, I just couldn't hide

All the love I feel inside

I want you with me, by my side

I never dreamed I would stay with you

Just one look, and I knew you were true

One more day and I woke up to find

I couldn't think, you were on my mind

I can't believe those other guys

Hanging round with that look in their eyes

They'll never know what I get from you

I wanna tell them, I never do

Агнета Фельтског

I Wont Let You Go / Агнета Фельтског

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