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Still Thirsty

and if this life's your canvas

don't hesitate to paint you purpose

over walls that paint your direction

shout the thoughts your world is too scared

to mention

or have you been shackled to the sitcoms

or have you been guided by the tabloids

or are you just a mass consumer of popular opinion

we've been organized to think and feel a lie

and if you're thirsty for some truth

there's a fucking fountain inside of you

overflowing by the seconds to flood

you're empty life

sharpen out the dullness you've been programmed

to deny

you look to groups and movements and counter

culture sects

to justify yourself as being intelligent

buckled tightly to a scene,

safely pinned to a philosophy

doesn't make you radical or even significant

as you parade through the glitz

nose high in the air

you swear you're painting your own picture

but it's a shame that you can't do it

Still Thirsty /

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