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Evanescent, Everfading

[Reflections Of The WandererThe Passing Of The Newborn God]

I am come into these celestial lands; the dreaded journey is at an end. Time has passed, ages gone and lost, and the

wandered returns to his home within the dead sky, to behold as, at the starlit dawn, Lucifer, the morning star, welcomes

the Moon and Sun to return. The night is passed and I am as the last shadows to dwell underneath the foliage of the mighty

Oaks and the boughs of the Elms of old. Evanescent, Everfading are my lays and all that I have achieved. And how could blind

eyes see the grandeur, deaf ears hearken the sound? To such senses does my life ring unto and all the waves I leave behind.

Wearied I am, with all hope long departed, all zest long gone. Where could I go ere I fade? Wither could the starborne paths

ever take me that I would find more, to find nothingness, the true existence of All. Alike my Goddess, one with pain and

sorrow, one with joy and ardour, hands joined in a union of strangers, we walk onwards, yet our horizon is bleak, sundered

and bloody. Evanescent, Everfading are the autumntide colours that bleed upon us. Like a wailing wind the maidens of Fall

awaken from their sleep. And the night remembers I walked on the shore of the flaming sea and dreamt upon the sands of

burning sorrow. Soon they are gone, with only show to usher us into the sleep of the eviternal Winternight that is yet to

come O Winterwind, will you caress me? Your somber songs are like dreams that pass oh so swiftly, dead dreams, the hollow

sky I am one with the thousand sagas of the crimson age, I am one with the songs of the whirling, now dying season, I am

Evanescent, Everfading.

Evanescent, Everfading /

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