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This Paradise Crumbles

This life you lead

Seems to bring you

All the happiness you need

The ones you love

In your times of grief

The tears of joy

Stream from your eyes

From the peace that you feel

From the love inside

Through how could this last

For so very long

Then one day it turns

And it all goes wrong


This happiness in your life

Has now turned to bitter strife

You wonder what went wrong inside

All you touch just seems to die

The beauty that you adored

Seems to be so ignored

By a God in which you believe

But has turned to deceit

Those you love slowly die in your arms

Their blood soaks your hands

And won't wash away

The skies turn gray

Rain storms to the ground

The air thick, so black

The walls come down

The disease spreads

It kills without a sound

This crumbling paradise

No more life to be found

[Repeat Chorus]

What was once such a peaceful land

Has quickly turned to waste

Its tears of blood that

Begin to flow down his beaten face

His mournful cries tells

Tales of the decades of his pain

He's lost his mind, descending downward,

Drowning deep in gray

This Paradise Crumbles /

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