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Solar Journey

I stand alone now

In this ruined world

Desolation was caused

By futile wars

For those who fought

Are all dead and gone

Though constant battle

Has made me so very strong

As I take a look around

At this dying earth

There is nothing left for me

So what must occur

Dark revelations

Embrace my tortured mind

The solar journey

Is the only path I find

The time has come to leave this place

Drift alone in deep space

Journey towards the burning sun

Back to where it all begun

I board my vessel

And head for the stars

Through this cosmic trail

I will travel so far

Enjoy the serenity

Here alone in space

This solar journey will

Take me back in time

To defy the ways of God

And all mankind

Returning to the ways

Of everlasting pain

Where chaos is the law

And blood falls like rain

Now approaching the sun

It's burning my skin

Blistering flesh appears

Final descent into the flames

Finally the end is here

I couldn't imagine

That the pain I will feel

Is worse than before

Exploding within

This journey complete

As I pierce through the core

There in front of me is my destiny

To invade the world

Of the holy trinity

To bring it down is my master plan

As the war begins I make my final stand

The time has come to burn this place

Annihilate the human race

Showing them that I am the way

The world never thought

It would see the day

Now that I come to this journey's end

My mission is completed with their death

Returning to a place that I call home

To suffer forever all alone

Solar Journey /

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