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Papal Visit


First impressions...


Papal did visit, human trash


Prostrate, yellow-white umbrellas

Roam around

Universal love..for them...for the....

Papal visit

Human trash roam the town

Woke up by hosannah

Helicopters strip the land

First impressions will be the last

Woke up at 2

The man from iron

What happened to the man from iron

Mediator one

Human trash

Come for the visit

Eating lay bread

From what they come to call it

Sound like a yokel

For the first time

First impression will be the last

[Pope stuff continues....]

Peace resounds

Lay bread

Is in the nose and mouth

For the first time

In the assassin line

Papal visit

In the town

For the first time

Understood the assassin line

Is all around

The Fall

Papal Visit / The Fall

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