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Rowche Rumble

Rowche Rumble*

Rowche Rumble

It's valium



Roche Rumble

That's rumble

For thousands of wives around the world

are given out by doctors, to feed their little girls

The doctors need prescriptions

The wives need their pills

So Rowche Rumble

Menopause wives are hard to handle

No culture or love, no gamble

The dope addicts are especially smashed

on Rowche Rumble

Rowche Rumble

Physician, heal thyself

Our government's built an expense account

Once in, never out

A step to Rowche

A force feeding

What are the people around you taking?

Rowche Rumble

Now I've tried crazy things

Abusing my body to a great end

But I'll never never never never do it again

I said I'll never never never never do it again

Rowche Rumble

Physician, heal thyself.

Musician, heal thyself.

Hey mister, heal thyself.

And loads of people across the land

Who do a prescribed death dance

While condemning speed and grass

They got an addiction like a hole in the ass

Rowche Rumble

Rowche Rumble

I send 70 pounds instead of 70 p to

pharmaceutical company Rowche AG

The lorry arrived the next day

Swiss gnomes dealing out potions

Lend a hand

What is the fear for?

Whose do you think your body is?

Rowche Rumble

It's valium

That's rumble

[ Play on the name of the giant Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. ]

The Fall

Rowche Rumble / The Fall

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