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White Lightning

In North Carolina way back in the hills

Lived my pappy and he had him a still

He brewed white lightning 'til the sun go down

Then he'd get out a jug and pass it around

Mighty mighty pleasin'

Poppa kept a-squeezin' and called it

White Lightning

G-men, T-men, Revenue too

Searching for the place where he made his brew

They were lookin' tryna book him

But my pappy kept a-cookin' it

White Lightning

I asked my pappy why he called the brew

White Lightning's full of morning dew

Took one sip then I knew

When my eyes bulged out and my face turned blue

A city slicker came and said ";I'm mighty tough,

I wanna get a taste of the powerful stuff";

Took one slug and drank it right down

And I heard him moaning as he hit the ground


The Fall

White Lightning / The Fall

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