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Under The Sword

They burst through the gates

with swords in hand they made their way

cross the hall of the high lord.


-As long as that man lives

peace will never propagate

between me and my brothers here

so yield yourself to your fate!

The king stood still in the back,

grey in face and without will

not knowing wrong from right.


-You have brought shame and disgrace

to soil your fathers' name

and heaven will not easily

forget the game you've played.

The limbs of the lord was chained,

he was bound to a horse then they rode away

through a cold winter storm.

Travelling night and day

through a kingdom of snow

and finally arriving at

the castle of his foes.

He was shackled to the wall,

in the tower high above the ground

he was kept like a common thief.

And meanwhile the brothers three

feasted into the night

and toasted time after time

until the morning light.

He was sentenced to death by the blade.

In the name of high treason

he died under the sword.


-We have harvested the crops

of the evil seed

that grew between you and me

but now united we'll lead!


Under The Sword / Falconer

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