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Entering Eternity

Riding through the echoes of the past

while the hooves pound the ground

Looking through the mist of the night

in the dim and covering light of the moon

Pale cold moon be my guide

through this forest of the dawn

Enchanted wolves lead the way

to the land of infinity and destiny

I am entering eternity

unfolding a new day

My future waits for me

to take me far away

I am opening realities

never known before.

Here will my soul fly free


New dimensions open for me

as I reachh my final horizon

Entering the world of the spirits

dwelling in the shadowside

of the living world

I'll be the sould of the wild hawk,

the whispering in the blowing wind

or at the misty glade

I'll be the beast as the hunting wolf

or the prey as the hunted hind

I'll be riding rays of light

or lurking in the night's shade.


Entering Eternity / Falconer

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