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Heavens Highest Hill

How do I tell my baby

Momma's not coming home

How do I tell myself

I'll be staying alone

Oh, I can't stop crying

She'll say Daddy, I want to hold her

I want to see her again

Want to kiss her, want to touch her

Oh, what can I say

So do I

Oh Momma, I'm missing you real bad

But it don't do me no good

Sitting, thinking about what we had


Love don't stop

It goes on forever

Love don't stop

And it never will

Love don't stop

One day we'll be together

Love don't stop

And I'll sing this song to you someday

On heaven's highest hill

How am I gonna look into those big brown eyes

When she wakes up crying out in the middle of the night for Momma

How will I make it better

The house is full of people

But nobody's home

Everybody's here and I'm all alone

Calling out your name but there's no answer

Oh, Momma last night she told me not to cry

I swear I see you every time she smiles


I don't know if you hear me

Sometimes I like to think you do

All the things we been fighting for

I'm gonna make them all come true

And these arms they ache to hold you

And I know one day I will

I'll meet you in the tall grass

Up on heaven's highest hill



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