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My New Girlfriend

She says he hardly ever holds her

She says he hardly pays her any mind

Been such a long time since he's told her

He used to talk about forever

Now he don't have the time

These daays he hardly ever loves her

Lookin' at her I find tht hard to believe

If it's true he's gonna lose her

If I have my way, it will be to me


My new girlfriend's got a boyfriend

They say that all is fair in love and war

My new girlfriend's got a boyfriend

And I'm ready to wage a war

I'm gonna hold her tighter

I'm gonna lover her like she's never

Been loved before

and if there's trouble I'll

Be beside her long before

The first teardrop ever falls


Last nite we talked for a long time

Last nite she let me walk her home

Last nite she let me hold her

Last nite I didn't have to spend alone

Last nite she let me kiss her

I kissed her I kissed her



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