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Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл Мэриэнн Фэйтфуллальтернативная певица

Thats Right Baby

That's right baby,

It seems to me you've won.

Slip tight, baby,

You had a lot of fun.

You tried to make a fool of me

And I'm the fool who just couldn't see.

That's right baby,

Laugh until you cry.

Good night baby,

But may I ask you why ?

I gave you everything I had

Babe, that couldn't be so bad ?

I wonder why there's no tear in your eye.

I wonder why there's love left for me.

That's right baby

Get it while you can.

Look right baby

You'll see with another man.

While you're waiting all alone

You'll try to call but I won't be home.

Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл

Thats Right Baby / Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл

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