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Фэйт Хилл Фэйт Хиллпоп-певеца

There Will Come A Day

It's not easy trying to understand

How the world can be so cold

Stealing the souls of man

Cloudy Skies rain down on all your dreams

You wrestle with the fear and doubts

Sometimes it's hard, but you gotta believe


There's another place where our Father waits

And every tear He'll wipe away

The darkness will be gone

The weak shall be strong

Hold on to your faith

There will come a day

There will come a day

Wars are raging

Lives are scattered

Innocence is lost

Hopes are shattered

The old are forgotten

Childeren are forsaken

In this world we're living in is there anything sacred


The song will ring out down to those golden streets

The voices of Earth with the angles will sing (Hallelujah)

Every knee will bow

Sin will have no trace

In the glory of his Amazing grace

There will come a day

There will dome a day

Oh, there will come a day

I know there's coming a day, coming a day

Фэйт Хилл

There Will Come A Day / Фэйт Хилл

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