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you are my everything

you are my everything

you, my everything

everything, everything, everything

its all because of you,

im never sad and blue.

you've brightened up my days,

in your own special way.

whenever you're around,

im never feelin' down,

you are my trusted friend,

on you i can depend


you take me away,

from the pain and you bring me paradise

and when there were cloudy

days you brought sunshine in my life

it never occured to me

the first time i saw your face

i would fall so deep in love

that your love can't be replaced


you are my everything (you are my everything)

love so good, so good only you can bring

you are my everything and everything is you

my darling only you

can make my dreams come true

and every night i pray

you'll never go away

i promise i will try

untill the day i die

to treat you like a king

coz you are my everything

bridge: chorus:

you are everything and everything is you

(repeat 4X's)

when you're lovin me

put your lovin arms around me

when you're lovin me

said i feel so safe i found security

when you're lovin me

forever i want you to hold me

my everything

my every, every, every, every, everything


you take me away

Фейт Эванс

Everything / Фейт Эванс

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