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 Fairport convention Fairport conventionбританская фолк-роковая команда

Part X

Sleep has surprised Mr Lee

We'll creep in behind his eyes and, with his eyes, we will see

Wherever he goes to, we'll be close behind

We'll follow his dreams and we'll stroll in his mind

Dream, dream

John's in the garden all green

With uniforms round him, the hound and the fox can be seen

A willow tree leaving its branches to ground

Is breathing in time to a bell's hollow sound

Dream, dream

Dream, dream

Nature, their numbers have swelled

The sun in the east is the lord of the feast to be held

The doomed and the dutiful tread on the dew

With frost on their faces and shine on their shoes

Dream, dream

Looking to earth and to sky

John stares at John walking slowly along with a sigh

The hand of a stranger takes hold of his arm

A voice in his ear says "They'll do you no harm"

Dream, dream

Dream, dream

Dream, dream

Fairport convention

Part X / Fairport convention

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