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 Fairport convention Fairport conventionбританская фолк-роковая команда

Part Ii

I was sixteen now and full of life, life was full of things to see

Grown up in my little town and only seen Torquay

So it's off I went to Newton Abbot to get myself the deeds to sign

My father took them and tore them up, saying "That's no life for a boy of mine"

"John, my son, don't join the Navy, there's no good in it, I know

Plant your seeds on solid ground and watch your harvest grow

John, my son, don't join the Navy, that's clay that's underneath your skin

John, my son, don't join the Navy, don't go leaving your kith and kin"

A boy must breathe and . . . or call himself a failure

So I would see some foreign shores and I would be a sailor

So I went off to my mother for a week or more and wiled and wheeled and won my way

Father put the pen to paper in the fields at lunch the very next day

Fairport convention

Part Ii / Fairport convention

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