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The way she whispers

The stories I have heard

In captivation my eyes are wide with her words

So much respect in here

My heart is blowing up to burst

With one step forward

She leads me by the hand

I think I'll make it

Though stars up in the sky

They show we're all the same

And some day soon they say we all must die


Tell them all

Wrap them up in fire

With your love

Here I am

Somebody told me

The answer's in the fight

Grab all you can

Take everything in sight

Don't care if I sit here forever

Holding nothing but my heart

She whispers to me

"It makes no difference

You get what you give

And only then just enough

To make you happy no more no less

Too much is too absurd


She speaks in silence

Her work is never done

But still goes on 'til

The battle she has won

But for a moment I thought I saw her

Dancing in the stars

Whispers /

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