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Outraged And Moved

Taste that silence and starve

Heartache, taste heartache

And paly the game of

Bite - release - bite

O! Surprise! Injured!

Torrents and torments

Blade of hate, blade of love

(That is) "Splendid!" "Important!"

It's all a matter of

Bite - release - bite

They could not love it

So thehy bit it

The stoughtest might fall for

the sex and the rules if

Bite - release - bite

No love: no breakdowns

No hurts: no blessed times

"It's all too unkind"

Bite - release - bite

Ways to sirens: there are

Thousands and more

Hot fey mood: Hate

Hot fey mood: Love

Too ludicrous a game

Bite - release - bite

Outraged And Moved /

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