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Small Crimes

Small crimes

Smiles stretched on

old trees

Strike your match so


Watch the crooked

smoke rise

Empty praters to


Just a mask of

blue sky

Look away to

Small crimes

Kick the dog for


Leave you old self


Watch in coldest


Tell the world what

Ever turns you on is fine

with me as long as

Matches don't get wet

Warm winds calling me a

coward make me smile

They can't convince

me now

Burned prayers turn me

on to nowhere sick

and empty

I don't feel so bad

Ever turns around again

says to me softly

Start the fire now

Small crimes sever

used-up old


Freedoms not so great

All fears burn up

They said hold on to the

stairway railing

Meaning everything

is meaning

Something makes it hard

to keep track

Hold on found me

tangled forest

Growing got my

dryest summer

Small crimes held my

match box tightly

Small Crimes /

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