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Pro Catastrophe

I do believe it's coming

don't dread it's approach

the only preference we might have

is that I hope to see it

could start with an invasion

or maybe it'll come from fire

the bomb's so boring

I wanna see some blood

There'll be people in the streets

I mean the ones that live in houses

I wanna see 'em screaming

"Holy mother sweet jesus"

I may seem a bit morbid

but you totally can't deny

'cause when it hits I'll be laughing

and you will start to... cry

young and old and middle aged

domesticated creatures as well

there are other ways to look at this

than a state of living hell

as your friends, relatives, and acquaintances

perish in catastrophe

just think of it as the best movie

you'll ever hope to see

it's got action, violence

rape is there too

starvation-- whole nations

and it's all for me and you

it's got everything you wanted

this admission is free

there's only one catch--

it's compulsory

Pro Catastrophe /

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