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Witches Dance

A black cloath of forbidden wisdom

To ride the night in fullmoons celebration

The wind has stopped its whisper-like humming

Its calm before the storm

Forest so vast and beautiful its shades

Witnessing the dance of those once human

Now just bleak of before been

Shall they become what theyve foreseen

Why do they gather to that macabre dance?

Around the darkened bonfires glance

Witches dance

Oh, streaming winds, give me thine strength

give me thine mighty storms

I am the queen whom the light shall dread

Enchantress from the heathen north

Again its the time of the summoning

A woman is granted with ravenwings

To fly through the skies so bright

And to land where the seas throw their might

Paths that lead to the darkest woods

See them cast their mourning spells

For those not knowing what is grace

Shall not die with witches embrace

Witches Dance /

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