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When Stormclouds Gather...

Dethrone the castles of fading light

Watch as the flowers wither in the coven of the storms

Let the blackened clouds lead us to another rainy night

Hear me heavens, hear me cry

God of the storms and clouds up high

Flowing crystal streams like fire in my eyes

Enthroned the mighty nature of black whirling winds

Fire in my eyes

Black whirling winds

For beneath you are, we of our infant cries

Grandest are the elder ones, men before our kings

Of our infant cries

Men before our kings

Dethrone the castles

Bring forth the ancient times of wrath and hate

Chant us these storms for they are our fate

Of wrath and hate

For they are our fate

Under the icy scarlet skies fulfilled are dreams

Through the halls echo the oblivions scream

Fulfilled are dreams

The oblivions scream

When Stormclouds Gather... /

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