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In Portraits Of Shadowed Life

For those whove heard the bells ringing

For those whove felt my gazing eyes

I am what you call a dream

To whom I draw the line of sanity

To furthest hill I long my tears (to fall)

Til my soul leaves this poignant world

To be what is one with the night

I am what is your inmost might

For who has seen those windswept flowers

For who has held the rarest rose

I shall crown him as the king to be

While his servants laments shall be my wine

I am what will forever be

In blood that is written

From the wounds of your pale skin

To join those who have risen

I am eternally lost in the winds of oblivion

In portraits of shadowed life

I saw her embraced by the light

A light which you shall never see

For you are what is forlorned

Forlorned shall never be

Just a pale mourning of those forgotten

Filled with sorrow drowned in my endless tears

Under the stars of the nightly sky

I have wept a thousand times

In my bitter sadness

I can now see the beauty in death

As I vanished to forever sleep

I saw the angels that wept

I saw the angels of death

In Portraits Of Shadowed Life /

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