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In The Arms Of A Nightmare

Wardrum pounded and signed the hordes

Battalions gathered and prayed their lords

The war started and lasted years

Pain was there but they hided their tears

Death in the woods and bombs in the air

It slaughtered the innocence that once was there

They fought like beasts and many of them fell

Ceased to exist in the frontline hell

They stopped showing their emotions, those dulging eyes

Left only the fear of death from the skies

See a dying soul in that distant flare

And the child inside has been left alone to die

Look closer to see he doesn't care

For they came here to battle and not to cry

From cradle to grave shall thee march in vain

Your fate is never to see what's in the end of this lane

Only light you see is your machinegun fire

"To let the reaper get me is my only desire"

"Come with me and I'll take you there

I shall lead you away to another nightmare"

A blinding light and a voice from the sky

"Abandon him for his kingdom is a lie

Follow the light and I'll set you free

Ride on my wings, put your faith in me"

"My mission is not completed I aim to kill

A task of death I shall fulfill"

You've chosen the path that takes you down

Where slaves are kings and the other way around

See a dying man lying there

Sleeping in the arms of a nightmare

Look closer he's a victim of fate

Judged by his personal killing rate

In The Arms Of A Nightmare /

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