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My Beloved

Her skin is soft as wind

Pale like my palms of sin

And her eyes like dark blue seas

Stare me with icy dreams

In my dreams

We shall be

In my dreams

In the worlds beneath

And the nightfall is for my bride

Mistress of dawn, embraced by night

Shimmery meadows before the dusk

Beyond the shadows, they will turn to dust

Her skin

Timeless is our lovelorn night

Secrets of caressing might

Are not held by the blinding light

Forever in our eyes, we see the dying lies

Of the truth of the past,

to days to come will they last?

Fading to dreams, there is something that calls

Her divergent love in those shady halls

For there Ill return, for there I will yearn

Willing to where the rays of light will not turn

Her spellbinding eyes take my breath

In forbidden paradise for her I have bled

For her lost I will shed tears unseen

Bereaved I will be to see what is planned for me

Her skin is soft as wind

Soft like the swans white wings

And her voice makes the weathers fall

Oh, hear the beauty of her song

Storms have torn

But we stand tall

Storms have torn

In those shady halls

My Beloved /

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